Direct Mail ROI Calculator

Direct Mail Advertisement ROI Calculator

No matter what marketing channel you choose to use to spread your message, it’s important to understand and know how what the outcome of your marketing efforts are. Why? It will help you learn what’s working or not working. It’ll also show you what the results are to your bottom line. Did the marketing campaign… Read More »

Developing Your Personal Brand

Developing Your Personal Brand

As of June 1, 2012, I have officially gone out on my own and become an “entrepreneur.” I’ve partnered with a really great digital marketing agency, Philly Marketing Labs in Wayne, PA and they’re an awesome bunch of people. One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced during my journey is developing my own personal brand… Read More »

Apple Design Fail: The “Charger Cord”

Apple Design Fail - The Charger Cord

Apple is known for its slick designs and well thought out details. How did they miss this one?  The charger cord (aka power cord) is starting to come apart and will eventually fray.  Not a very sustainable design if you ask me. This is so diappointing, especially since it’s not even a year old!  … Read More »

Mitsubishi – Is this Hurting or Helping Your Brand

Mitsubishi Cars - Direct Mail Advertisement

Your Co-Marketing Dollars at Work. What a massive advertisement by Mitsubishi! And they mailed an actual car key… The key is about the only thing that caught my attention… But overall effectiveness of the direct mail piece is a FAIL. It’s so busy. Not to mention, you’re reaching the wrong market! When you take a… Read More »


College Humor does a great job of putting together funny videos about the trials and tribulations of start-up companies. Check out their latest video.

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media – How To Meet The People You Want To Connect With If you ever thought social media was a waste of time, I’d totally agree with you if you were using it to post what you had for breakfast that day or a picture of your cat. Everyone knows there’s a lot of… Read More »